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Company Background

Daiohs Corporation is a Japanese listed company, and has been offering a variety of office services to more than 100,000 companies in Japan.
Being the latest overseas company of Daiohs Corporation, Daiohs Singapore Pte. Ltd was established in early 2015. Based on the Japanese enterprise business model, Daiohs brought to Singapore their 40 years experience of office coffee service with the ambition to provide top quality fresh brewed coffee to Singapore offices.
Once the carefully selected coffee beans from around the world arrives our manufacturing plant in Tokyo, starting from baking to production, distribution and logistics, all the processes are monitored by our comprehensive quality management to ensure the highest quality coffee would be delivered to your office.
In addition to coffee service, the world’s first tea server that became immensely popular in Japan is now brought to Singapore by Daiohs!

Daiohs Singapore

President’s Message

“Understand new market demands,
create new market trends.”

Being an international company, we continue to make new developments with determination to continuously explore new market needs and think innovatively as our driving force. Up to present, I still wear the company uniform with my staffs to visit customers and listen to their needs. I believe that being sensitive to the needs of customers is essential for the creation of new markets.

Shinichi Ohkubo President and CEO

Daiohs Singapore

Daiohs Corporation

Daiohs Understand New Market Demands Create New Market Trends
Daiohs At the Most Reasonable Price Provide Best Services
Daiohs’ profit is originated from our customer’s satisfaction
We apply this to our customer, our society, and ourselves.

Daiohs Singapore

Daiohs Singpore Pte Ltd

Blk 211 Henderson Road #14-02 Singapore 159552
+65 6264 2991

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