Years Experience Of Office Coffee Services

Daiohs Corporation brought to Singapore their more than 50 years experience of office coffee service with the ambition to provide top quality fresh brewed coffee to Singapore offices.

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As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad could things be?

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Drinking Water

Water is the driving force of all natures

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Clean Air

Indoor air pollution is 5x riskier than outdoor air pollution

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Pour yourself a cup of ambition

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Drink now, think later

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From: $400.00 / month for 24 months

Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance make Krea Touch the ideal solution for your coffee break. The wide touch screen and the user friendly interface allow a number of selections, flexible and customized recipes management, roasters branding, selling activities and video management.


Suger - free hypotonic beverage for quick hydration.

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