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From: $600.00 / month for 24 months

The 13.3" full HD screen features a wider drink menu compared to the traditional models. With Concerto Touch, operators will benefit from extraordinary simplicity in machine management simplicity thanks to latest-generation electronics.

$600.00 / year for 2 years

Intelligence, 4 Stage True HEPA air purifier that beautifully designed, silent & energy efficient.

$600.00 / year for 2 years

A slim modern design allows the OHC-200U Desktop Water Dispenser blend in at any environment. Its compact design requires small space and enables easy installation.

$220.00 / month for 24 months

"TEATRO" is a lower water supply type water server and tea dispenser function, and intuition with a touch panel. It will be Japan's first tea server machine that integrates various operations into one. By adopting a type touch panel, our efforts to design that match the working environment have been highly evaluated. This product will be available to offices nationwide from this fall in line with the announcement of the award.

$80.00 / month for 24 months

A direct piping two temperature hot and cold floor standing type water dispenser thatcomes with a specially designed Platinum 4 stages filtration system for purification ofyour water source that fed to direct piping water dispenser units.

From: $100.00 / month for 24 months

Fancy a cappuccino, or a mild espresso? Or how about a really milky cappuccino? We are pleased to announce the launch of MIONE – the coffee machine that makes a cup of coffee just for you, just as you like it.

From: $400.00 / month for 24 months

Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance make Krea Touch the ideal solution for your coffee break. The wide touch screen and the user friendly interface allow a number of selections, flexible and customized recipes management, roasters branding, selling activities and video management.

From: $350.00

This compact coffee machine offers 20 programmable beverages with ample options for customization. Its large capacity, quick response time and the ability to be simultaneously used for coffee and milk / foam make it the ideal choice for small to medium offices and hotels.