Daiohs Air Purifier WHA-320

Intelligence, 4 Stage True HEPA air purifier that beautifully designed, silent & energy efficient.

360 Degree Filtration

It not only grills air in 360 degrees outside, but it also filters out unnecessary particles in 360 degrees inside of the machine too!

True Hepa Filter

This Air Purifier is built in with True Hepa Filter and is proven and tested to easily trap airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns for a peace of mind.

Releasing the cluster ionizer into the air

Effectively eliminate germs and odor
for a fresher air!

Know Your Air Quality & Smart Features

Air quality sensor displays varying
coloured LED for various air quality

Air circulation with 360 Degrees Grill Rotation

Advanced technology distributes air
more comfortably and effectively maximizes air circulation throughout the room by maximizing the distance from the top to the left and right

Powerful Air circulation
through 6013 Air Holes In All 4 Sides

Captures ultrafine particles, including pollen, bacteria and pet dander. The filter draws in air from every direction, collecting pollutants from around the room.

4 Stage filter system

Traps larger particles
such as dust, hair and pollen. This filter is water washable.

Pre Filter

Eliminates odours and formaldehyde to clean the air, particularly of unpleasant odours.

Carbon Filter

Traps 99.9% of microscopic particles.
(0.3 microns or larger)

True HEPA Filter

Traps unpleasant odours and has anti-bacterial function which collects bacterial and suppresses reproduction.

Perfect Filter

Introducing Office Clean Air Services

We Focus On Your Clean Air, So you can focus on Your business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy clean air anytime at your office

One Fee For All

We would provide the Air Purifier in an easy and speedy process.

Every 4 Months Visit

We would visit customer’s office every 4 months and also change the filters. On every 12 months, all stages of filters will be changed

Free Inspection, Clean Up & Repair

We would periodically check the air purifier and provide clean-up service during our visit. In case of mechanical failure, we would also provide free repair service or even one to one replacement.


Daiohs Air Purifier WHA-320

Voltage/ Frequency


Suitable For Rooms Up To

49.5m² ( 532.8ft² )

Noise Level Max db(A)

49.4 dB(A)

Sleep Mode

Noise level can reduce to
15 dB(A)

Air Quality Sensor

Displays varying coloured LED
for various air quality

Timer Mode

Automatic switch off after
1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours

Net Weight

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Download Brochure
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