Single Farm
Specialty Coffee

Pena Blanca

Pena Blanca Estate is located around Lake Ayarza in the Santa Rosa of southeastern Guatemala. The plantation, which derives its name from the Spanish word for "white rock," is said to have volcanic limestone soil rich in organic matter, and the high elevation provides drastic temperature difference between day and night, which creates the suitable conditions for ripening high-quality coffee cherries. High quality, rare and limited in quantity.

Along with a mild bitterness, contains an "Almond" sweetness and a long-lasting aftertaste. Recommended for milk menu and iced coffee.
Strong : 5/8

Grand Café/French Roast

Grand Café (Brazil / Indonesia):
Dark roasted type which can be enjoyed with both ice and hot. Dive yourself into rich flavour.

French Roast (Guatemala / Vietnam):
  The soft and thick body leaves a rich aftertaste. Characterized by its deep flavour.
Strong : 9/10
100% Arabica Straight Coffee

D-Line Guatemala/Brazil

Only uses the highest-grade of Guatemala (Grade: SHB). A coffee tree living in harmony with Guatemala's national bird, the quetzal. With mellow sweet      aroma and rich flavour, you can enjoy a cup of sweet and clean acid taste, reminiscent of citrus fruits.

Only uses the highest-grade of Brazil (Grade: No.2). Beloved cup of coffee for long time, said to be the origin of "Brazi in Ginza, Tokyo". Bitter and rich flavour of dark chocolate. Indulge yourself in a moment of sweet aftertaste.
Strong : 6/8
Healthier Choice - No Added Sugar


(Brazil / Indonesia)
Blending clear acid withrich taste. Delivering the ultimate experience of relaxation.
Strong : 5/10