Concerto Touch

The 13.3 " full hd screen features a wider drinks menu compared to
the traditional models.

With Concerto Touch, operators will benefit from extraordinary simplicity in machine management simplicity thanks to latest-generation electronics.

Patented Z4000
coffee brewer

The new Z4000 coffee brewer featured in the Krea produces a great coffee with its improved extraction.

Wide graphic display 128x64 pixel

Full HD touch screen 13.3"
and up to 4 customizable
product categories.

Innovative thus simple
user interface

Audio visual feedback after the selection and during the drink preparation. Chromium plated frame around the selection area.

Revolutionary new cup dispensing system, Multicup.

The system is equipped with 5 different rotating columns that allow dispensing in
up to 5 cup formats (different sizes, plus materials and graphics).

The turrets are compatible with compostable and more eco-sustainable products –
an excellent lever to conquer the locations in which environmental issues are
seen as a priority.

Introducing Office Coffee Solutions

We Focus On Your Coffee, So You Can Focus On Your Business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime at your office.

One Fee For All

We would provide the coffee machine, coffee beans, and other coffee supplies in an easy and speedy process.

Regular Monthly Visit

We would visit customer’s office every month and also refill the coffee bean to minimize our customers hassle on inventory management.

Free Inspection , Clean Up & Repair

We would periodically check the coffee machine and provide clean-up service. In case of mechanical failure, we would also provide free repair service.


Concerto Touch Specifications

Voltage / Frequency


Max Power Consumption

1850 W

Cups Capacity


Number of Canister

Up to 7

Number of boilers


Coffee Brewer

Espresso Z4000

User Interface

Touch Screen, 13.3 Inch, Full HD


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Download Brochure
Download Brochure
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