Daiohs Solista

Among the tabletop range products, it shows its sleek design and can be appreciated for its high capacity level and technological performances.LED lights complete the elegant and contemporary design, as well as the chromium plated frame surrounding the selection area and elegant side graphic panels.

Patented Z4000
coffee brewer

The new Z4000 coffee brewer featured in the Krea produces a great coffee with its improved extraction.

Elegant design with
chromium plated frame

Elegant and appealing design with
precious chromium plated frame
around the selection area.

Large graphic display
128 X 64 pixel

Large graphic display with possibility to show simple animations.

Set-up through management
software Giga

Configuration of the machine set-up through GIGA management software and colour coding of the main internal components for easy maintenance.

Wide choice of drinks in
a machine with small footprint

You can freely choose your favorite
drinks such as cappuccino, americano, choccolateo latte and more.

Appealing side panels easy to customize

You can customize it to any types of drinks at the times you want. With just one touch, enjoy the aroma of coffee in a moment.

Introducing Office Coffee Solutions

We Focus On Your Coffee, So You Can Focus On Your Business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime at your office.

One Fee For All

We would provide the coffee machine, coffee beans, and other coffee supplies in an easy and speedy process.

Regular Monthly Visit

We would visit customer’s office every month and also refill the coffee bean to minimize our customers hassle on inventory management.

Free Inspection , Clean Up & Repair

We would periodically check the coffee machine and provide clean-up service. In case of mechanical failure, we would also provide free repair service.


Daiohs Solista Specifications

Voltage / Frequency


Max Power Consumption

1500 W

Number Selection

Up to 10

Number of Canister

Up to 6

Number Mixing Bowls


Stirrer Capacity


Coffee Brewer

Espresso Z4000, Small or Big, Capcity only
coffee in the brewer: small 6-9 gr; big 7-15 gr

Number Boilers



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