Happy Ending For Q1 2022 And Happy Beginning To Q2 2022

Thank you MCC Land for the privilege and invitation to collaborate in showcasing our top 3 machines!

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We are happy to announce that Poiz Residences and Daiohs Singapore have collaborated in having our 3 types of machines (MIONE, Air Purifier WHA-320 and Water Dispenser OHC-200U) to be showcased not only in their showrooms, their website and most importantly their staffs.

Our subscription business model was shared to the staffs who will help us to educate their residences for them to understand and subscribe to our unique business model.

You subscribe, We supply.

One subscription as low as $1 per day or less than $0.50 per cup which includes:

1) Machine

2) Supplies

3) Regular Maintenance (cleaning, deep cleaning and anti-microbial coating)

4) Delivery and Installation

5) Full warranty throughout subscription period

6) 1-working day turnaround service time

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