Daiohs Mini Cooler 9L

This powerful mini cooler and can be positioned wherever it is needed – in a office space or office bar.

Lightweight and compact design, ideal for private and professional use.


15-20°C Below Ambient Temperature

Supply tubes for espresso and coffee makers can be fed through the holes in the sides of the appliance.

The cooling device is also suitable for cooling and heating foodstuffs.

Cold and heat are transferred via thermoelectric.

Change Between Heating And Cooling Modes

There is a switch to change between heating and cooling modes.

The mini cooler can cool products about 15-20°C under ambient temperature or warm them to a maximum of 65°C. A partition can be used to separate foodstuffs, such as drinks and fruit.‍

Clean And Modern Design Blends Harmoniously With Modern Coffee Machines

The mini cooler is suitable for use as a milk cooler for coffee makers.

Daiohs Mini Cooler 9L Specifications