Daiohs Tea Server

With a touch of a button, you can always enjoy cold or hot Japanese tea. Besides a wide range of Japanese teas, black tea, oolong tea and jasmine tea would also be some of your choices.

Our Tea Server can also be served as a water machine. From now on, everyone's need can be satisfied by our tea server alone!

Select 3 flavors from various choice

You can freely choose your favorite
3 types from various items such as
tea, coffee and sports drinks.The temperature of the cold is 5 °C,
and you can enjoy hot drinks at
85 °C. It can be used as a water
server as well as tea.

Just the way you like
to make the taste

There is a powder button for increasing to get bitter taste.

Press additional powder button and set powder volume with 5 levels for 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%.

Easy to refill beverage

The lid is easy to open, and we have devised a smart way to replenish the ingredients without removing the canister.

Water supply is easy with a tank with casters

The water tank with casters that extends the handle and the supplied water hose greatly reduce the burden of water supply.

You can easily move from tank removal to water supply and reset.

Equipped with an eco-mode using an optical sensor

It detects the brightness of the surroundings of the main unit, and
if it stays at a certain level for more
than 10 minutes, it goes to sleep.

With reheat function,
Max 95°C

Press the button and reach 95°C in less than a few minutes. The temperature is high enough for cup noodles, which was not enough with normal server hot water.

Thorough purification of tap water with three high-performance water purification filters

Tap water is further filtered with three water filters, and you can enjoy various flavors with clean water.

Sediment Carbon Filter

Physically filters fine particles of 5 microns or more such as iron rust and water stain, and removes organic compounds such as chlorine by carbon adsorption.

Ultra Filter

Removes viruses such as Escherichia coli and Legionella.

Post Carbon Filter

The final filter removes residual odors.
Introducing Office Tea Solution

We Focus On Your Tea, So you can focus on Your business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy freshly brewed tea anytime at your office

One Fee For All

We would provide the Tea machine and tea powder in an easy and speedy process.

Regular Monthly Visit

We would visit customer’s office every month and also change the filters every 6 months,

Free Inspection , Clean Up & Repair

We would periodically check the tea dispenser and provide clean-up service during our visit. In case of mechanical failure , we would also provide free repair service or even one to one replacement.


Daiohs Tea Server


DTS-TP Direct Piping

Water Type

Water Supply Tank ( 15L )



Cold Tank

SUS304 3.3 liter


1/10 HP Sealed 85w


R - 134R


Wire Type

Hot Tank

SUS304 1.6 liter

Heater Consumption



Band Heater

Claning Heater


Cleaning Heater

SEES Heater

Temp. Control


Overload Device


Electric Power

AC220 - 240V, 50/60Hz

Length of Electric Wire

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Download Brochure
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