Evolved Tea Server - Teatro

"TEATRO" is a lower water supply type water server and tea dispenser function, and intuition with a touch panel. It will be Japan's first tea server machine that integrates various operations into one. By adopting a type touch panel, our efforts to design that match the working environment have been highly evaluated.

This product will be available to offices nationwide from this fall in line with the announcement of the award.

14 types of tea and
variety drinks

You can freely choose from 14 types of tea and variety drinks such as
tea, coffee and sports drinks.

A large 10.1-inch touch panel

A large 10.1-inch touch panel is used and you are in an era where you could use it intuitively and smartly.

Produce corporate commercials on the touch panel

You can produce corporate commercials on the touch panel.It is equipped with a screen saver function.

Lower water supply function

You can easily move from tank removal to water supply and reset. Its Japan's first to reduce lower water supply function

19ℓ water leak prevention

By adopting water leak prevention functions, it can be used not only in office environments but also in a wide range of environments.

Automatic rinse function

Automatic rinse function that reduces the maintenance burden on the user to keep hygienically used.

Introducing Office Tea Solution

We Focus On Your Tea, So you can focus on Your business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy freshly brewed tea anytime at your office

One Fee For All

We would provide the Tea machine and tea powder in an easy and speedy process.

Regular Monthly Visit

We would visit customer’s office every month and also change the filters every 6 months,

Free Inspection , Clean Up & Repair

We would periodically check the tea dispenser and provide clean-up service during our visit. In case of mechanical failure , we would also provide free repair service or even one to one replacement.


Daiohs Teatro Specifications

Power Supply

AC, V, Hz

Capacity Of Hot-Water Tank


Capacity Of Cold-Water Tank

Cooling Tank-2.5L, Ambient temp. Tank-1.2L


5-10°C ( Cold )  /  80-90°C ( Hot )

Hot Water Temperature Control

Electronic Heater Control

Cooling System

Coolant Compressor

Powdered Ingredient

3 Types of Powder, 8 Menus In Total

Mixing Method

Mixing Bowls

Humidity Countermeasure

Canister Heater And Venting Fan

Way To Supply Water

Plumbed In
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